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Personnel Qualification

Personnel Qualification

What is International Qualification?

International Qualification Certification Service (IQCS) obtains an approval from Standards Council of Canada (SCC) in terms of personal certification. It relates to each industry field data of quality, manufacturing, facilities, and services based on ISO17024 which is recognized internationally.

Currently, only seven countries have implemented national technique qualification service globally. IQCS is a management organization that designs and operates a wide range of qualifications, from industry to service, so that qualified human resources in each industry sector can achieve maximum effectiveness by doing their jobs.

Quality Technique Manager

Obtain basic knowledge of quality management to perform on-site work of general quality management system.

Utilize quality technique, professional analysis on statistics and understanding of management by attaining quality management knowledge.

Understanding statistic technique and analysis on-site quality problem.

Maintain or improve quality management system by performing analysis quality management technique.

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